Looking for a vampire epic with a brand new twist? Get swept into a world where love and supernatural mysteries help a young slave to conquer the savageries of history. Get swept into THE DARKLING TRILOGY.

Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy, Book 1)

darkgenesiskoboahLife for a female slave is one of hardship and unspeakable sorrow, something Luna knows only too well. But not even she could have foreseen the terror that would befall her one sultry Mississippi evening in the summer of 1807.

On her way back from a visit to see the African woman, a witch who has the herbs Luna needs to rid her of her abusive master’s child, she attracts the attention of a deadly being that lusts for blood. Forcibly removed from everything she knows by this tormented otherworldly creature, she is sure she will be dead by sunrise.

Dark Genesis is a love story set against the savage world of slavery in which a young woman who has been dehumanised by its horrors finds the courage to love, and in doing so, reclaims her humanity.

Rising Dark (The Darkling Trilogy, Book 2)

risingdarkkoboahWhen the newly married Reverend Avery Wentworth embarks on a journey to the Americas to begin a new life, he foresees only joy ahead of him. But along with the shocking evils prevalent in a world of slavery, he comes against a much older, darker evil that steals his soul and turns him into a creature of the night. Cut off from humanity, he wanders through a wilderness of despair. A nameless, faceless creature forced to exist in the shadows, his only hope for salvation is the vision of a beautiful Negro and three words: “Wait for me.”

Rising Dark is the long awaited sequel to Dark Genesis and takes us from London 1757 to present day America in a love story that defies, time, death and the all-too-human flaws inherent in mortals and immortals alike.

Awesome Excerpt from Dark Genesis!

The moment I had spent most of the day pining for had come, but as I walked through the trees toward the chapel, I could feel a growing apprehension. I walked quickly, driven forward by a need that bordered on pain. But that deepening dread was fighting its way up through the melody that had kept me in thrall all day, and when I stepped through the trees and into the clearing, that feeling intensified to the point that I almost turned and fled.

Something propelled me onward and I ran across the clearing to the chapel door and threw myself through it. I knew something waited for me at the altar even before I was through the door and as I raced up the aisle, the fear that had been pushing to get through had all but consumed me.

What I found on the altar made no sense at all. I saw books. Brand new books. I also saw a beautiful jade green dress of the finest cloth I had ever seen in my life. There were also a few items of jewellery lying there: a gold chain with a large ruby hanging like a giant drop of blood from its centre, and diamond earrings. All of this was carefully laid out on the altar. For me.

As I looked at the bewildering sight before my eyes, I felt something loosen and fall away from me, leaving my mind unbound for the first time that day. Images began to flood me then. Images of being at the chapel the day before and kneeling by the stream with the jagged black rock held above my head.

Oh my God! 

My stomach curled sickeningly when I thought about what I had come close to doing and I brought my fingertips up to my forehead, but there was no sign of the cut. I began to tremble as an overwhelming sense of danger as sharp and clear as the chiming of bells filled my mind.

I told you to stay away from that place.

That was Mama Akosua’s voice, faint but clear in my head, and with my senses and mind in such a heightened state of awareness, I knew it was really her I was hearing. Just as it had been the night before when I ran through the trees.

“Yes. You sure did,” I whispered, not knowing if she could somehow hear me.

I took a step away from the objects that had been placed on the altar for me.


I whirled around and began walking swiftly down the aisle. I didn’t doubt the fact that I was in danger but I knew it was already too late to run. So I walked out of the chapel into the burnt gold of the setting sun, hoping that if I appeared unaware of its presence it would let me go.

I was halfway toward the trees when the atmosphere in the clearing, the very air seemed to change and I came to an abrupt stop, frozen by a presence, the shadow Mama Akosua had referred to.

It felt as if there was a powerful force emanating from behind me. It swept through the clearing causing a powerful shiver to ripple through me. It was so strong that it was almost like a throbbing heartbeat saturating everything from the aged bricks of the chapel to every single blade of grass beneath my feet. Yet nothing had actually changed physically around me. It was only what my now “open” mind could detect.

I tried to stay calm but my heart was racing and my breathing came out hard and fast as I pondered what to do next.

Knowing I could do nothing but face this thing, this evil, head-on, I turned around.

My vision told me there was a white man standing at the chapel door. But my sixth sense, which was sending a million pinpricks of fear along my skin, told me that the figure standing at the chapel door was something that merely wore the guise of a man. It wore nothing but a pair of black trousers and an old blue gentleman’s coat over its bare chest. It was also barefoot. Its skin was a pale, almost translucent white, and gleamed softly in the light of the setting sun. From this distance, I could see it had long, tangled brown hair almost to its waist, and that it was tall with broad shoulders, a muscular well-formed chest, a narrow waist, and long powerful legs.

I opened my mouth to speak but all that came out at first was a choking sound, so I drew air forcefully into my chest and tried again.

“What…what you want?” I asked as confidently as I could manage whilst my gaze searched the ground around me for something I could use as a weapon.

When I glanced back up at the chapel door, the thing was gone and I jumped back, a scream lodged in my chest, when I saw it was now standing a few feet away from me.

With my heart pounding horribly in my chest, I found myself staring in awe at the being standing before me in the guise of a man. And what a guise it was. Its face was perfect in every way. It had large, blue eyes, an aquiline nose, a strong jaw, and lips shaped like a woman’s. Noticing traces of what looked like fresh earth on its clothes and hair, I took an involuntary step forward and I was so taken in by its beauty that I almost reached out and brushed some of that dirt away from its jaw.

Although my rational mind was urging me to run, I couldn’t move. If anything there seemed to be some force between us that was tugging at my spirit, making me want to move closer to this being, and it took a great deal of will power to stop myself from taking another step forward.

It stood completely still with its head cocked to one side, its lips slightly parted as it regarded me in amazement, eyes like blue fire burning into me. Then it brought its hand up slowly toward my face.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to run, but fear kept me where I stood. Its fingertips, pale with torn ragged fingernails that had earth beneath them, were just inches from my face when it froze. Its eyes darted to a point behind me, into the trees as if it had heard something, and I used that opportunity to take a step back. That small movement brought its gaze back to me and in another of those quicksilver moves, it had closed the space between us again.

But it only gazed at me, looking slightly confused, and made no move to stop me as I took another step back. It was hard to resist the pull this being exerted over me but I forced myself to keep moving backward and away from the chapel, as I knew now that there was something else here in the clearing with us, something that swathed the hulking, decrepit chapel in evil. My senses were saturated by the being standing before me so it was hard to focus on the other entity. All I knew was that it had been here for a very long time and hate burned at its heart like a smouldering volcano.

There was something forlorn and incredibly vulnerable about the creature as it watched me move away from it. It made no farther move forward but merely gazed at me in bewilderment, its stance one of dejection. The acute yearning in its eyes was as ancient as it was terrible. Unable to look into those eyes for even one second longer, I ran into the trees.

Reviews for Dark Genesis!

A great read 5.0 out of 5 stars

In “Dark Genesis” Luna, a beautiful black woman on a slave plantation, has to not only suffer the horrors of the society she finds herself in but also the attentions of a supernatural being lusting after blood. But despite all this, Luna finds love in a very unexpected way!

A. D. Koboah portrays the dynamics within the slave society extremely well in her book – from the slave who is powerless to the slave owner who has complete control over every aspect of life. But this is also a story of love, hope and certainly one I would certainly recommend.

Mindblowingly good 5.0 out of 5 stars

An ABSOLUTELY amazing book .. so well written .. the story had me in tears towards the end of the book but you do NOT want to put it down. I am so so glad I read this book and can not wait to read the next one. If I could give this book more stars I wouldn’t hesitate.A MUST read !!!!

Amazing 5 out of 5 stars.

This book is just absolutely amazing and had me balling my eyes out sometimes,I loved the idea of a slave being kidnapped by a vampire because he had been looking for her for decades maybe centuries !! so romantic.

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About the Author: A.D. Koboah

A.D. Koboah author picI am A.D. Koboah, the author of The Darkling Trilogy, an unconventional and epic love story between a vampire and a slave girl. The trilogy was inspired by my thoughts on dehumanisation.

I was fascinated by the ways in which people are able to dehumanise others, the impact it has on the psyche and whether it is possible for people to find their way back from being dehumanised. This led me to a slave called Luna and the ruins of a haunted chapel deep in the heart of Mississippi.