YES! The moment we’ve all been waiting for, a sneak PREVIEW of some brand-spanking new horror work! The amazing Rasheedah Prioleau has graced us with her sexy and suspenseful horror novel, “Everlasting”.

What I LOVE about this novel is the rich diversity in its characters and locale. Prioleau uses Gullah and Native American history to create the deep layers– and fears– that we all love so much in our horror and paranormal works.

Check out “Everlasting”. You WON’T be disappointed! 😉

About Everlasting

EverlastingAfter another incident of sleepwalking, Aiyana Gamelle wakes up lying under the stars on the Beach of Sa’Fyre Island, an island off the cost of South Carolina with a rich Gullah and Native American history.

Knowing these incidents of sleepwalking have something to do with her long awaited transition into queen of the island, Aiyana shrugs them off as little more than a nuisance to be expected since her lineage leads to a mysterious African goddess.

Aiyana moves forward with plans to host a week long festival that will end with her succession to the island throne, but the murder of an important guest and the passing of her grandmother bring the festivities to a screeching halt.   Aiyana learns that the transition involves an unwanted possession and the revelation of a dark family curse.

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More About Rasheedah Prioleau

Rasheedah_AmyRasheedah Prioleau is a Southern African American writer with an eclectic range of writing and ghostwriting credits.  After an unfulfilling stent in the corporate world she started over from the bottom as an unpaid intern at the age of twenty-six and never looked back. 

I love to write because there are no limits. All it takes is a finite space of time and I can create a story from infinite possibilities.”

Writers who have influenced her include: Judy Bloom, Jude Deveraux, V.C. Andrews, Octavia Butler, Stephanie Meyer, Charlaine Harris, Joss Whedon, William Nicholson, Shonda Rhimes, Quentin Tarantino, Tyler Perry, Mike Kelley, and J.J. Abrams… just to name a few.

Rasheedah Prioleau currently resides in her hometown of Washington, Georgia.