sixmoonsummercoverSix Moon Summer by S.M. Reine
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For the first few chapters, I was a little bored with the premise. Lol, like, “oh brother, here’s yet another tragically beautiful, thrown-int0-a-new-world misfit.” And I bucked a bit, not really feeling connected with Rylie’s somewhat aloof and stuffy character.

At FIRST. But hang in there. The book is a quick read, and everything picks up considerably, including the overarching mystery.

As Rylie begins to explore the mysteries of Camp Silver Lake and the mysterious werewolves in it, I got completely HOOKED. I love the way the story progressed, and the way the tension increased with every chapter. I also really enjoyed Seth & Rylie’s growing rapport, and the way the conflict between them ramped up with a sudden and surprising reveal. The descriptions of the werewolf transformation, the progression, and the lore were also fantastic. I love how Reine freshens up the genre with her personal take!

I love SM Reine’s work in general, and I came into her worlds through books she wrote later. But as her debut novel, “Six Moon Summer” was an amazing, super solid intro to what Reine can really do with well-known werewolf lore. The best part is that while the ending is satisfying and complete, it isn’t exactly “clean”, in that everything is perfectly tied up. There are some cliffhangers, and I DEFINITELY want to read the next book in the series to see what happens next!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially if you’re looking for a light entertaining read with plenty of action, character growth, tension, and romance… and did I say ACTION? (The action kicked all sorts of ass.)

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