allhallowsmooncoverAll Hallows Moon by S.M. Reine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yet another super entertaining read, courtesy of SM Reine! This story’s really just what a reader needs to help them believe in light and love again, lol. It’s refreshing, interesting, and the love story is cute. It’s a pretty cool sequel to the original story and builds on the cliffhanger from “Six Moon Summer” very nicely! The only thing I hoped for was Rylie to be a *little* more proactive regarding the hunters trying to kill her, BUT I also appreciate how real her actions felt.

Scared, alone, isolated, and monstrous… with hunters wanting to kill you at every turn. I mean, who could honestly be supergirl in her circumstances? I am interested in a couple of throwaway characters– two psychiatrists– that popped up towards the end though. I have a feeling they’ll be making another appearance in the next sequel!

I hope the future novels in this series will have a bit more of a dramatic edge to them, but they’re great as they are too. I like light and adorable just fine!

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